MDS, LLC was founded in 2008 by Prof. Jacob Fish and associates. The main software product, Multiscale Design System for linking Continuum scale (MDS-C), is based on more than 20 years of research on various aspects of multiscale science and engineering by Prof. Fish and his research group at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. This technology and software were exclusively licensed to MDS, LLC by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2008. All subsequent MDS-C software developments were in-house funded by various SBIR/STTR programs.

In 2015, Altair announced the acquisition of Multiscale Design Systems, LLC., bringing important new composites expertise to the Altair HyperWorks® suite, including multiscale analysis, stochastic design, fatigue analysis, and multiphysics simulation. While retaining an open architecture approach with respect to other 3rd party solvers, a much tighter integration with Altair solvers RADIOSS® and OptiStruct® is expected in future.

Since its inception in 2008, MDS, LLC won four SBIR/STTR Phase I awards (AF083-074, AF093-125, A10-106, AF11-BT04) on environmental degradation of high temperature polymer matrix composites subjected to thermal oxidation, thermal fatigue, moisture and mechanical loading (AF083-074), physics-based life prediction capabilities for SiC/SiC composites (AF093-125), modeling of concrete failure under blast and fragment loading (A10-106), and 3-D nondestructive imaging techniques for mesoscale damage analysis of composite materials (AF11-BT04). Subsequently, MDS, LLC won SBIR Phase II awards: (i) topic AF083-074 in partnership with nine OEMs including material manufacturers of PMR 15 and FreeForm 14, engine companies and fuselage manufacturers and (ii) topic AF093-125 with partnership with four OEMs. MDS, LLC served as a subcontractor on several other SBIR Phase I and II awards.

The first version of MDS-C was released in November, 2011. The MDS-C is currently being licensed to: General Motors for crash prediction of composite cars where it is used as a plug-in to LS-DYNA and ABAQUS Explicit; Rolls-Royce Aerospace for life prediction of ceramic matrix composites where it is used as a plug-in to ABAQUS Standard; Lockheed-Martin for analysis of complex nano-micro structures; and ARL and NRL for analysis of complex multiphysics problems at multiple scales. MDS-C is currently being evaluated by other 17 OEMS and several government laboratories.